Thursday, July 21, 2011

Update for the Nokia N8, C7, and C6-01 now has been available

Nokia Mobile Phone - For owners of Symbian-based phones ^ 3, be prepared to update your mobile phone operating system. Update version 1.1 for Symbian-based phones like the Nokia N8 ^ 3, C7, and C6-01 has now come to bring some improvements and new features into mobile phones.

The changes offered by the latest updates Symbian 3, among others, the increasing ability to communicate so they can receive meeting requests from the email directly. To complement these capabilities, in this updated version provides a map to find out the location of the intended meeting.

While the changes obtained by the Nokia N8 is the presence of a useful new feature in Quick Office 6.4-like ability to zoom in and zoom-out Word documents and three new preloaded games. Application of these games has actually been available on Ovi Store. However, the update does not include the version 1.1 update features a virtual QWERTY keyboard for an upright position and update the browser.

To update the operating system, Symbian based mobile phone users can simply access ^ 3 Software Update feature on the device. Users can also memperbari = ui their mobile phone operating system via the Ovi Suite. Update file size is quite large, especially for the Nokia N8, so it is recommended to download via high-speed networks, WiFi or 3G connection at least.

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