Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stephen Elop Divert To Prove Loyalty Shares Microsoft

Nokia Mobile Phone - It is true that Nokia is now CEO, Stephen Elop is a former Microsoft executives, and perhaps this fact is widespread. But perhaps not many people know is Elop still have large amounts of Microsoft stock that is 130 thousand pieces.

Alluded to as still bound by another company, Elop plans to release Microsoft's stock has. This news has also been confirmed officially as reported in the newspaper outside, the Daily Times. Number of shares will be sold is valued at approximately $ 3 million.

According to him, the funds earned from the sale of shares Microsot will be used to purchase shares of the new company he headed the Nokia. Regarding the reasons for more details about this redirection, the Canadian man who has served as CEO since October last year Nokia has not been explained.

Some preach growing speculation that it relates to issues of loyalty and a deal that never happened. However now Elop has grasp as much as 150 thousand shares of Nokia worth 1 million.

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