Monday, July 25, 2011

Nokia Launches E7, C7 and C6

Three mobile phones introduced by Nokia at the Nokia World conference in London. All three phones are presented as a response to challenges from competitors like Apple, Google and RIM. All three phones are E7, C7 and C6.

A research released by comScore, said that while Nokia controls 50% of mobile market in many Western European countries, the power of Nokia on the mobile phone market declined by about 14% as of July 2009. With the launch of mobile phones is expected Nokia could reclaim a starting position shifted its competitors.

An analysis of Ben Wood of CCS Insight said that the competitors Nokia developed a phone-based operating system that is easier for users and also spoil them. Not just users, but application developers are also easier to develop applications on the Symbian operating system competitors such as IOS and Android.

For information specification C6 and C7 is quite interesting to observe. Both phones are equipped with an 8MP camera and Ovi maps and the availability of the application store as supporting the application downloads. C6 and C7 is a touch screen phone. While Nokia E7 is a phone dedicated to businesspeople. The phone also comes with a QWERTY keyboard hidden on the back.

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