Saturday, July 23, 2011

Leaked Specifications Nokia X7-00 Back Spread

Nokia Mobile Phone - The news about Nokia X7-00 back in circulation. This time the phone has not officially released to the market by Nokia back leaked specifications. Then, specifications are trying anything offered by the Finnish-made phone vendor, let us refer to the article more.

Nokia X7-00 is a phone similar to Nokia C7 with a larger screen. Mobile phone screen sizes are possible for AMOLED screen of Nokia E7 measuring 4 inches. The phone is touted equipped with 4 speakers, but look at the latest pictures Nokia X7-00 has only two speakers on the grill even though there are four corners.

For the camera used by mobile phones, named Sushi is expected to use the 8MP resolution camera with fixed focus and dual LED flash like a camera mounted on a C6-01, C7, and C7.

Nokia X7-00 AT&T logo wear that gave rise to predictions that it is likely the phone will be marketed in the United States. Besides released in the U.S. market, Nokia X7-00 is expected also available for the European market.

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