Tuesday, May 31, 2011

LG Optimus Black P970

LG Optimus Black P970 - LG launched its latest range of family LG Optimus Black P970. Slim mobile phone with this elegant design has the lightest weight for smart phones in its class. Weighing 109 grams, the LG presents Android smart phone that in fact is often associated with the hobby of men, is now also fitted to the women. "LG Optimus Black P970 offers performance and mobility as well as beauty in one phone" said Kim Weon Dae, President Director, LG Electronic Indonesia.

In a presentation on the sidelines of the launch of the LG Optimus Black P970 Wednesday (05/25), Legi  Lewis Product Marketing Manager of LG Mobile Indonesia revealed several advantages offered by this smart phone, including:
  • LG Optimus Black P970 brilliant screen presents the advantage that is not owned by the family that dikeluakan Optimus previously, namely Optimus One, Me and Optimus Optimus 2X. The screen display NOVA presents the technology adopted by 700 nit brightness that remains bright and sharp when used under the hot sun. Excess Nova Display is also able to reduce battery power consumption is more efficient than a phone with LCD screen. The effectiveness of power consumption 30% more efficient for outdoor use and 50% for indoor use.
  • LG Optimus Black P970 also provides gesture button on the side of the phone with Gesture UI functionality to enable features. By pressing the G button, the browsing activity can be more enjoyable because the screen scrolling is not necessary in the slide, simply by shaking the phone up or down only. Gesture UI feature can also be used to view the images and other features.
  • LG Optimus Black P970 is the world's first mobile phone that has a 2 megapixel camera front. This camera function for video calling and self portrait photo.
  • 5 megapixel main camera is equipped with autofocus, timer, white balance and macro mode.
  • One Hand Control. Snap to activate the camera feature, switch to the next song or next photo on the features image view.
In the present LG Optimus Black, LG Mobile Indonesia took the operator Telkomsel to be able to enjoy a package of Internet unlimitted Rp.70.000/bulan TelkomselFlash with special prices for 6 months. Optimus Black LG P970 will be present on the market at the end of May 2011 is the price of Rp. 3.499 million. Especially for HSBC credit cardholders, LG Optimus Black P970 issued with promo price of Rp. 2.999 million on 28-29 May 2011 in Mal Kelapa Gading 3.
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App BlackBerry Messenger Version 5.0

App BlackBerry Messenger is one of the advantages of the use of BlackBerry devices in addition to the Push Mail service, special services for owners of App BlackBerry Messenger is designed specifically for communication between users using the link PIN Number which is also exclusive to each BlackBerry device. Currently, BlackBerry users may still use the App BlackBerry Messenger latest version 4.6 of the official from RIM which only consists of the names of contacts plus status if there is, it looks very simple unlike other messenger (Messenger or Gtalk). 

Now there are leaks App BlackBerry Messenger version 5.0 external circulating on the internet though RIM has not officially released. Kalo pengen aja nyobain downloaded via OTA in the BlackBerry Browser select according to the type of handheld and OS as appropriate, could diliat first on the Option menu to find out what OS is used then when they are ready for first backup will download the contact list in the messenger to avoid failure. After downloading follow wrote all the commands that are included Reboot to switch to the new messenger. 

Once installed it will look a lot different to previous versions of messenger, in addition to a view that is more like a kayak Messenger Avatars for each of ID, photo or avatar will be directly integrated with the Phone Book on the App BlackBerry Messenger, so will the same as the existing image in Pnone Book or in profile up. For the BlackBerry device available in the messenger GPS then this would also integrates GPS location and can be shared our existence to another friend. 

For the problem message is also more comfortable with the option of providing Conversation Subject headings or labels on while chatting or conferencing. For transmission of data files in addition to picture / photo and voice / sound, App BlackBerry Messenger Contacts and Contact, messenger 5.0 version also supports sending video files. For shipping to all contacts in a way Broadcast Messages can easily be done in a way that includes delivery to a specific group that is currently grouping contacts by group can also be done as in YM!. Another feature that awaited BlackBerry users include SMS support, and support the homescreen to the BlackBerry Messenger contacts that are placed directly on the front page. Want to know the latest updates available from another friend Recent Updates containing the contact info changes or even upadtes messenger status. 

The latest Messenger supports Backup Restore Contact List including Delete Backup List so we can do it routinely. As for adding a new contact is also easier with the additional support barcode or known as QR Code in addition to the email address and PIN BlackBerry, so stay scan and store barcodes using the camera friends ngapalin not need a PIN again. Oh yes about the QR code may be found in the BlackBerry OS version 5.0, see the Edit My Info that can be used to store personal data such as name, PIN BB, website links and more, this code allows BlackBerry users to exchange contact information (if you want clay Kompas newspaper in the middle of writing an article there is a code barcode box.) 

The menus is on the Option fuel this new version 5, such as Conversation Style, will select the Standard Model, Chat Bubbles or Stripes. For the Avatar is synchronized with the Phone Book option or separate, for setting Location via GPS can be set a distance in Km or Mile, if the others may be almost the same as the old.
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Monday, May 30, 2011

Nokia C2-01 and Nokia X2-01

22 November 2010 yesterday Nokia announced a new mobile phone that entered the ranks of the entry-level Nokia C2-01 and Nokia X2-01. Both phones use the Symbian Series 40 platform. Although the same platform, but the characteristics and different target market segments. 
Nokia C2-01 comes with a classic Nokia design a simple middle class. The advantages of this phone is to support 3G services. 3G support is presented only for data services, video calls can not be fixed because Nokia C2-01 does not provide a second camera. Facts on the ground, for now the Nokia C2-01 indeed is cheapest 3G phone. But in addition to the ability of support for 3G networks do not expect you will find the advanced features commonly found on smart phones. However, the presence of features 3.2 megapixel camera, FM radio and music player it's already enough to own a mobile middle class. 

Unlike the Nokia C2-01 with a display of classical design, the Nokia X2-01 offers a luxurious appearance following a QWERTY keyboard that is loved by Indonesian consumers. Display this phone is classy. With an elegant choice of base color is black and white with 5 color choices for the side. Unfortunately, the neat appearance is not accompanied by a satisfying camera capabilities. At least equivalent to Nokia C2-01 which has a 3.2 megapixel akmera. Because QWERTY phone is only equipped with a VGA camera only. Hmm but if it is seen that the conditions of Indonesian society more concerned with appearance, Nokia X2-01 is likely to be most wanted phone when it is launched later. 
Both phones will be out in Q4 2010 was priced at a friendly environment. If calculated with the Euro exchange rate when the news is made, the Nokia C2-01 with the price of 70 euros, or about Rp. 853 000 and Nokia X2-01 80 euro or Rp. 974 000. 

Specifications Nokia C2-01

Platform: Symbian 40 Screen: TFT, 2.0 inches, 256K color, 240 x 320 pixels Memory: 46 MB internal, microSD external memory slot, a maximum 16GB Data: GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP, microUSB v2.0 Camera: 3.15 MP, 2048 × 1536 pixels, video QCIF @ 15fps Battery: Li-Ion 1020 mAh Size / Weight: 109.8 x 46.9 x 15.3 mm / 89 gr Other Features:
  • Stereo FM radio with RDS
  • Java MIDP 2.0
  • MP4/H.263 player
  • MP3/WMA/WAV/eAAC + player
  • Organizer
  • Voice memo
  • Predictive text input  
Specifications Nokia X2-01
Platform: Symbian 40 Screen: TFT, 2.4 inches, 256K color, 320 x 240 pixels Memory: 55 MB internal, microSD external memory slot, maximum 8GB Data: GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP, microUSB v2.0 Camera: VGA, 640 × 480 pixels, Video Battery: Li-Ion 1020 mAh Size / Weight: 119.4 x 59.8 x 14.3 mm / 107.5 g Other Features:
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Stereo FM radio with RDS
  • Java MIDP 2.0
  • MP4/H.263 player
  • MP3/WMA/WAV/eAAC + player
  • Organizer
  • Voice memo
  • Predictive text input
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Review: Samsung Galaxy Mini

Samsung Galaxy Mini  is the Samsung flagship product for entry-level class through the Android-based smartphone market. With prices in the range of 1.6 million rupiah, indeed this is one inexpensive option Android devices are not made in China. If the country of origin is not a problem, it is the entry-level Android remains the cheapest Chinese-made, for example Nexian Journey of a specification even higher than the Galaxy Mini, only interest in this smartphone is very large so it is relatively hard to find in the market.Actually there are other Android devices in the same price range, namely LG Optimus ME, its official price is 1:55 million rupiah. When promotion 26-27 March 2011, LG Optimus ME dibandrol only 999 thousand dollars, much like Nexian Journey, but only for 200 first buyers.
Concept & Design
Like most current smartphones box, small box size.
The content is also minimalist:
  1.  Handset
  2. 2 GB with MicroSD to SD adapter
  3. 3 pieces of leaflets: quick start guide, instructions for use, and a list of authorized service place
  4. 2 pieces of mini CD containing the application Kies
  5. Charger
  6. Handsfree
Thing that caught my attention is not given micro USB cable, making this Kies applications such useless bundled.

The form is quite small making it easily grasped by the hand. 3:14 screen size "diagonal, QVGA resolution of 320 x 240, aka, the same resolution with the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro. There are 3 buttons at the bottom of the screen: menu, home and back.

At the bottom looks a microphone hole, and behind it visible holes loudspeaker. The sound produced from the loudspeaker is not bad, just slightly below the sound quality of Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro.
At the top as usual is the location of the speaker's ear, then a standard 3.5 mm jack for handsfree / headset, and micro USB plug with a lid.

On the left side there is just a volume control knob.
 On the right side there is the power button and MicroSD slot, complete with lid.
Close the battery is relatively easy to open, and Samsung Galaxy Mini is equipped with a capacity of 1200 mAh batteries.
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nokia OVI Suite 3.0 Ready Used

After some time spent still in beta, end date of December 31, 2010 yesterday, Nokia announced that the OVI Suite 3.0 has passed the test and is ready to show their performance.
For the record, Nokia Ovi Suite is software to manage and transfer content between a Nokia mobile phone and computer. Nokia Ovi Suite can be used to move messages, contacts, photos, music and applications into the computer.

Nokia OVI suite can also be used to synchronize Nokia phone with a computer. Upgrade the operating system for your Nokia mobile phone and also back up existing data. Nokia OVI Suite latest version offers many attractive features. Excellent feature is the view presented homescreen that allows you to see the latest software update.

Not only that, Nokia OVI Suite 3.0 has also been integrated with OVI Music. This will facilitate your direct download music files are available from the Ovi Music. Also provided the option to listen to a preview if you do not want direct downloads.
Another feature that can be enjoyed in the Nokia Ovi Suite 3.0 are:

  • Instant access to sync your phone and computer.
  • View the applications and games recommendations OVI Store.
  • View the latest music recommendations from Ovi Music.
  • Connect to the Internet without fixed connections or WLAN.
  • Drag and Drop directly into the phone.
  • Receive notifications to update your phone software as well as backing up data stored in the phone.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Nexian G868 TAP

It feels a touch screen phone is not a mere finger sucking. Because the labels 'expensive' for a touch screen mobile phone is no longer valid. 

Resisitive touch screen display menu is presented to support the features and applications in it. As the left and right menu display that can be "put and drag" on the desired place. Animation Screen on the main screen so impressed wallapaper that appear alive and can move. We can also change the wallpaper instantly by sliding the screen using a finger without having to go into phone settings. 

Not only that, Nexian also buried a variety of applications made by Nexian itself in Nexian TAP G868. Embedded applications such as Media Box, Nexian Messenger, Nexian Music Card (NMC) and Nexian Zone. MediaBox is a new application developed by Nexian. MediaBox is an application that serves as a reader or the reader a variety of media including several categories such as news and lifestyle (KompasFemale.Com, Mediaperempuan.Com, Temposelebritas.Com, Tempogayahidup.Com, etc.). Media in this application will trump date in accordance with an up dated from the server. To read this MediaBox consumers will be given a choice of charging (daily, weekly or monthly). 

Meanwhile, Nexian Messenger facilitate the needs of 1.5 million users chat with others Nexian Messenger and chat fun with tens of thousands of users at any time Nexian flood-chatroom chatrooms available. By having this phone Nexianers will automatically receive a PIN number which will be obtained after the application of this Nexian Messenger. 

Nexian Music Card (NMC) is a separate section. This form of memory cards containing 300 songs from artists and bands popular in Indonesia. And these songs can only be enjoyed through the application of this NMC Player. Meanwhile, Nexian Special Zone is designed to Nexianers who like to download content and applications. Content including wallpapers, ringtones and games. In addition, in preparing this application to update Nexian applications such as Nexian Messenger, Nexian Music Card Player, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, or Skype later via OTA (Over The Air). This makes it easy to upgrade Nexianers above applications directly by downloading the application with a newer version without having to go to service center. 

Courses buy Nexian TAP G-868 is also working with Mandiri Credit Card with 0% for 12 months with the USD. 49 000, - x 12 months (terms and conditions apply) This promo applies in Nexian Shop, Mobile Shop, and certain Hypermart. To purchase with cash and other credit cards accepted official price of Rp. 599 000, Especially for the purchase with a credit card purchase a maximum of 2 units for a credit card. 


Dual GSM 900/1800MHz GPRS / EDGE 2.8 "QVGA Touch Screen LCD 2.0 MP Camera Supports JAVA Bluetooth Video Player and Audio Player FM Radio Supports External Memory Handsfree Language: Bahasa Indonesia - Indonesian 12-month Warranty Application Nexian Messenger Nexian Zone Nexian Mediabox (Media & News) NMC Player Messenger Yahoo! Mobile Chat Applications: MSN, Skype Facebook and Twitter
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Links Exchange

Link exchange is one way to increase your website traffic. I would like to share a little experience so far in exchanging links. Exchanging links is easy, even automatic, provided you know how.  What are the advantages Swap links? There are many, are a few:

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Anchor text is a link in the form of keywords. When you give a comment on the blogs of others for example, then you can enter keywords in the name, then later it will be the ‘Anchor text’, or if for example you leave a link in the classifieds by paying a certain price, it is also the anchor text.
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Imagine if you exchange links with hundreds of different websites, of course you will receive additional requests from there.

4. So in essence are:

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

BlackBerry App World

BlackBerry App World - BlackBerry users already enjoy from now on BlackBerry App World Service by downloading the application from www.blackberry.com/appworld. BlackBerry App World is a new application exchange service provided by Research In Motion (RIM), a Canadian manufacturer of BlackBerry.

This service provides a variety of applications specifically designed for BlackBerry devices. For example, gaming, social networking, entertainment, and other types of applications either paid or provided free of charge. These applications are made ​​by third parties that use the API (application programming interface) BlackBerry.

" BlackBerry App World is only available in certain countries only and may not be available in all telecommunication networks," RIM said in a statement on the download page BlackBerry App World. Indonesia is one among 33 countries in the world who have enjoyed this service.

Among these 33 countries, only 13 countries that provide paid applications, the rest only free applications only. Services in Indonesia while the application is only available for free. Indonesia is the second country in Southeast Asia that have access to BlackBerry services in addition to Singapore's World App.
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tips to Make Quick Battery Blackberry Not Out

You'll often get bored when I have to charge the battery Blackberry which has become a mandatory activity every day. Maybe you need to follow some of the following trick that can reduce battery consumption on the Blackberry 

When running the Multimedia
  Turn down the volume Steps for setting the volume is:
  • Open the Option Menu on Main Menu
  • Select the sub menu "Sounds and Ringtones"
  • The volume numbers 1-10, choose the number 5 or 6
Use headphones Upload your media files using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager Switch off the equalizer (Multimedia> Options)  
Steps to turn off the equalizer is:
  • Open the Media menu on the Main Menu
  • Click the menu (blackberry logo button) 
  • At the option 'Headset Music EQ' select 'Off'

When running the camera features:  
Disable flash Setting the image in small size, image quality 'Normal and color effects' Normal'. Setting up images for the small size is as follows:
  • Open the camera menu
  • Click the menu (blackberry logo button) and select Option.
  • To select the size of the image, click the option 'Picture Size'. For Blackberry Gemini, provided 3 options image size, ie Large (1600 × 1200), Medium (1024 × 768) and Small (640 × 480). For the efficiency of the battery, you should select the image size 'Small'.
  • Setting the picture quality to 'normal'
  • Change the color effect to 'Normal'.
When surfing the Internet:  
Visit the web page in the mobile version Use a low score in part the Repeat Animations.
  • Open the Browser application 
  • Click the menu (blackberry logo button) and select Option. 
  • Select the 'General Properties'.
  • Scoll down to get the 'Repeat Animation', then select the smallest number.
Close the browser application if not used with the Escape key, not the End key.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

HTC EVO 3D, Android Smartphone with 3 Dimensional Content

Recently, HTC announced the HTC's newest product EVO 3D. Android-based smartphone is rumored to support 3D content. And to enjoy it, users do not need to use special glasses, like watching a movie in theaters. These are excellent facilities HTC smartphone EVO 3D.
For other features, the phone Android 2.3 is supported Gingerbread QHD screen 4.3-inch, two 5 MP camera to capture 'stereoscopic stills' and video with 720p resolution. Dual-core processor 1.2 GHz and 1GB of RAM plus HTC Sense as its main interface. 

While on business connectivity with the HTC 3D EVO seconded the features of Wi-Fi b / g / n, Bluetooth 3.0, as well as new features SFM ports (USB and HDMI combination. Smartphone dimension 126mm x 65mm x 12.05mm and weighs 170 grams it will didayai with 1730mAh battery. 

Based on information obtained thePONSEL, HTC 3D EVO began to be released into the U.S. market this summer (around May-August) by the operator Sprint for CDMA and WiMAX 4G version. Unfortunately, there is no information about banderolan ditel pricing will apply. 

  • Network: 2G CDMA 800/1900, GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 and 3G CDMA2000 1xEV-DO, HSDPA 2100
  • Dimensions: 126 x 65 x 12.1 mm, Weight: 170 g
  • Display: 3D capacitive touchscreen LCD, 16 million colors, 540 x 960 pixels, 4.3 inches Multi-touch input method, touch-sensitive controls, Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate, Proximity sensor for auto turn-off, Gyro sensor, HTC Sense UI
  • Main Camera: 5 MP, 2560? 1920 pixels, autofocus, dual-LED flash, Stereoscopic photos (2 MP only) & videos; geo-tagging, video 1080p @ 24fps (2D), 720 @ 30fps (3D)
  • Secondary Camera: 1.3 MP
  • Memory: 1 / 4 GB storage, 1 GB of RAM, microSD card slot up to 32GB
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, WiMAX 802.16 e, DLNA, Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP, EDR
  • 3G: Rev. A, up to 3.1 Mbps / HSDPA 14.4 Mbps, HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps
  • CPU: 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, GPU 220 Adreno
  • Operating System: Android OS, v2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • Messaging: SMS (threaded view), MMS, Email, Push Email, IM
  • Browser: HTML
  • GPS: A-GPS Support
  • Radio: Stereo FM radio with RDS
  • Other Features: Active noise cancellation with a dedicated mic, digital compass, an HDMI port, Google Search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Google Talk, Picasa integration, Player MP3/AAC + / WAV / WMA, Player MP4/Xvid/H.263 / H.264/WMV, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter applications, Organizer, Document viewer, Voice memo / dial / commands, Predictive text input, 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Battery: Li-Ion 1730 mAh
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