Friday, May 20, 2011

Applications Blackberry Bold 9700

Blackberry Bold 9700 Blackberry Bold considered as the best ever released by RIM, if you just buy a Blackberry Bold, certainly the first thing to do is install the application Blackbery for the Blackberry Bold which is able to support your daily activities. The following is a list of Blackberry Bold 9700 Applications which must exist in the blackberry.
  • Blackberry Apps World, the main application must be installed on the Blackberry Bold 9700. Check, if the Blackberry Apps World has not been installed, you simply point the browser to the official website of the Blackberry, then install the Blackberry Apps World. With this application, later on you can download other applications both free and paid
  • Facebook for Blackberry, to support the activities you were fesbuk through your Blackberry
  • Radio Application for Blackberry
  • Download QuickLaunch, an application for quick access menus that you often use.
  • WordPress Application for BlackBerry, if you love blogging then you must install this application on your Blackberry Bold 9700.
  • TweetGenius, to support your Twitter activity.
  • Viigo, important news updates from your favorite Web site via RSS service
  • WorldMate Live, a personal assistant in your trip, which will provide information about the weather until the currency conversion
  • Bejeweled, the classic but fun game to be played during leisure time.
There are many other applications that you can get the Blackberry Apps World must pass directly from your Blackberry.

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