Tuesday, May 31, 2011

App BlackBerry Messenger Version 5.0

App BlackBerry Messenger is one of the advantages of the use of BlackBerry devices in addition to the Push Mail service, special services for owners of App BlackBerry Messenger is designed specifically for communication between users using the link PIN Number which is also exclusive to each BlackBerry device. Currently, BlackBerry users may still use the App BlackBerry Messenger latest version 4.6 of the official from RIM which only consists of the names of contacts plus status if there is, it looks very simple unlike other messenger (Messenger or Gtalk). 

Now there are leaks App BlackBerry Messenger version 5.0 external circulating on the internet though RIM has not officially released. Kalo pengen aja nyobain downloaded via OTA in the BlackBerry Browser select according to the type of handheld and OS as appropriate, could diliat first on the Option menu to find out what OS is used then when they are ready for first backup will download the contact list in the messenger to avoid failure. After downloading follow wrote all the commands that are included Reboot to switch to the new messenger. 

Once installed it will look a lot different to previous versions of messenger, in addition to a view that is more like a kayak Messenger Avatars for each of ID, photo or avatar will be directly integrated with the Phone Book on the App BlackBerry Messenger, so will the same as the existing image in Pnone Book or in profile up. For the BlackBerry device available in the messenger GPS then this would also integrates GPS location and can be shared our existence to another friend. 

For the problem message is also more comfortable with the option of providing Conversation Subject headings or labels on while chatting or conferencing. For transmission of data files in addition to picture / photo and voice / sound, App BlackBerry Messenger Contacts and Contact, messenger 5.0 version also supports sending video files. For shipping to all contacts in a way Broadcast Messages can easily be done in a way that includes delivery to a specific group that is currently grouping contacts by group can also be done as in YM!. Another feature that awaited BlackBerry users include SMS support, and support the homescreen to the BlackBerry Messenger contacts that are placed directly on the front page. Want to know the latest updates available from another friend Recent Updates containing the contact info changes or even upadtes messenger status. 

The latest Messenger supports Backup Restore Contact List including Delete Backup List so we can do it routinely. As for adding a new contact is also easier with the additional support barcode or known as QR Code in addition to the email address and PIN BlackBerry, so stay scan and store barcodes using the camera friends ngapalin not need a PIN again. Oh yes about the QR code may be found in the BlackBerry OS version 5.0, see the Edit My Info that can be used to store personal data such as name, PIN BB, website links and more, this code allows BlackBerry users to exchange contact information (if you want clay Kompas newspaper in the middle of writing an article there is a code barcode box.) 

The menus is on the Option fuel this new version 5, such as Conversation Style, will select the Standard Model, Chat Bubbles or Stripes. For the Avatar is synchronized with the Phone Book option or separate, for setting Location via GPS can be set a distance in Km or Mile, if the others may be almost the same as the old.

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