Friday, May 27, 2011

Nexian G868 TAP

It feels a touch screen phone is not a mere finger sucking. Because the labels 'expensive' for a touch screen mobile phone is no longer valid. 

Resisitive touch screen display menu is presented to support the features and applications in it. As the left and right menu display that can be "put and drag" on the desired place. Animation Screen on the main screen so impressed wallapaper that appear alive and can move. We can also change the wallpaper instantly by sliding the screen using a finger without having to go into phone settings. 

Not only that, Nexian also buried a variety of applications made by Nexian itself in Nexian TAP G868. Embedded applications such as Media Box, Nexian Messenger, Nexian Music Card (NMC) and Nexian Zone. MediaBox is a new application developed by Nexian. MediaBox is an application that serves as a reader or the reader a variety of media including several categories such as news and lifestyle (KompasFemale.Com, Mediaperempuan.Com, Temposelebritas.Com, Tempogayahidup.Com, etc.). Media in this application will trump date in accordance with an up dated from the server. To read this MediaBox consumers will be given a choice of charging (daily, weekly or monthly). 

Meanwhile, Nexian Messenger facilitate the needs of 1.5 million users chat with others Nexian Messenger and chat fun with tens of thousands of users at any time Nexian flood-chatroom chatrooms available. By having this phone Nexianers will automatically receive a PIN number which will be obtained after the application of this Nexian Messenger. 

Nexian Music Card (NMC) is a separate section. This form of memory cards containing 300 songs from artists and bands popular in Indonesia. And these songs can only be enjoyed through the application of this NMC Player. Meanwhile, Nexian Special Zone is designed to Nexianers who like to download content and applications. Content including wallpapers, ringtones and games. In addition, in preparing this application to update Nexian applications such as Nexian Messenger, Nexian Music Card Player, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, or Skype later via OTA (Over The Air). This makes it easy to upgrade Nexianers above applications directly by downloading the application with a newer version without having to go to service center. 

Courses buy Nexian TAP G-868 is also working with Mandiri Credit Card with 0% for 12 months with the USD. 49 000, - x 12 months (terms and conditions apply) This promo applies in Nexian Shop, Mobile Shop, and certain Hypermart. To purchase with cash and other credit cards accepted official price of Rp. 599 000, Especially for the purchase with a credit card purchase a maximum of 2 units for a credit card. 


Dual GSM 900/1800MHz GPRS / EDGE 2.8 "QVGA Touch Screen LCD 2.0 MP Camera Supports JAVA Bluetooth Video Player and Audio Player FM Radio Supports External Memory Handsfree Language: Bahasa Indonesia - Indonesian 12-month Warranty Application Nexian Messenger Nexian Zone Nexian Mediabox (Media & News) NMC Player Messenger Yahoo! Mobile Chat Applications: MSN, Skype Facebook and Twitter

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