Friday, May 27, 2011

Links Exchange

Link exchange is one way to increase your website traffic. I would like to share a little experience so far in exchanging links. Exchanging links is easy, even automatic, provided you know how.  What are the advantages Swap links? There are many, are a few:

1. You will get many link partners for your website

Where more and more so the better your ranking on search engines because of it. Thus, the link will return you get a lot of link partners you refer to exchange links, and it’s free.

2. You will get a lot of anchor text from other websites

Anchor text is a link in the form of keywords. When you give a comment on the blogs of others for example, then you can enter keywords in the name, then later it will be the ‘Anchor text’, or if for example you leave a link in the classifieds by paying a certain price, it is also the anchor text.
Now the anchor text will determine you will rank well on any keyword. And this is a very strong effect on the ranking of your website. With exchange links then you will get many backlinks and at the same time a lot of anchor text.

3. You get a lot of extra visits

Since you are exchanging links with other websites that also may have a lot of requests, it is possible, a link to your website on the websites of others before then at the click by a visitor there, then you will get additional visits.
Imagine if you exchange links with hundreds of different websites, of course you will receive additional requests from there.

4. So in essence are:

Many links, many patner, many visitors bring traffic, and a lot of luck.
You can do a link exchange (link exchange) with this website by filling in the comment form below (the suffix posts).
Here are the requirements to be met by the owners of blogs / websites to exchange links with this website:
  • Link Exchange just shaped in the form of text links (text) only and not in the form of banner
  • Backlink (back link) to this website must be on the front page (home page) of your website (not on the page or another post) because I will place your link on the front page of this website
My Requirements :
  1. Min PR0
  2. Homepage And Sidewide ( Dofollow)
  3. Place my link <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Latest Mobile Phone</a>
  4. Confirmation with a comment on this page

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Horier said...

punyaku PR3 sob, link uda dipasang n do follow juga . . thanks ^^

mutation said...

Klo blum punya PR boleh ikut tukeran link egax bos??? tapi rajin update

Admin said...

Boleh Gan... silahkan pasang link ane. ntar confrim kesini ea gan ane pasang balik

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