Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tips to Make Quick Battery Blackberry Not Out

You'll often get bored when I have to charge the battery Blackberry which has become a mandatory activity every day. Maybe you need to follow some of the following trick that can reduce battery consumption on the Blackberry 

When running the Multimedia
  Turn down the volume Steps for setting the volume is:
  • Open the Option Menu on Main Menu
  • Select the sub menu "Sounds and Ringtones"
  • The volume numbers 1-10, choose the number 5 or 6
Use headphones Upload your media files using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager Switch off the equalizer (Multimedia> Options)  
Steps to turn off the equalizer is:
  • Open the Media menu on the Main Menu
  • Click the menu (blackberry logo button) 
  • At the option 'Headset Music EQ' select 'Off'

When running the camera features:  
Disable flash Setting the image in small size, image quality 'Normal and color effects' Normal'. Setting up images for the small size is as follows:
  • Open the camera menu
  • Click the menu (blackberry logo button) and select Option.
  • To select the size of the image, click the option 'Picture Size'. For Blackberry Gemini, provided 3 options image size, ie Large (1600 × 1200), Medium (1024 × 768) and Small (640 × 480). For the efficiency of the battery, you should select the image size 'Small'.
  • Setting the picture quality to 'normal'
  • Change the color effect to 'Normal'.
When surfing the Internet:  
Visit the web page in the mobile version Use a low score in part the Repeat Animations.
  • Open the Browser application 
  • Click the menu (blackberry logo button) and select Option. 
  • Select the 'General Properties'.
  • Scoll down to get the 'Repeat Animation', then select the smallest number.
Close the browser application if not used with the Escape key, not the End key.

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