Monday, May 23, 2011

HTC Dream - T Mobile G1 Android phone

News that was launched by detikinet yesterday gave new hope about the presence of Android-based phone in Indonesia, complementing the BlackBerry and the iPhone. It was reported that the principals HTC, HTC Dream as the maker-base-T-Mobile G1 Android phone will enter into Indonesia in June.

There is a possibility that the upcoming HTC Magic (which recently launched in Hong Kong) and HTC mobile phones based on Android others will also enter the Indonesian market which is the fastest in the world telecommunications market. Prices later legal HTC Dream is expected around 6-7 million. Previous HTC Dream has entered into Singapore through SingTel's regional market.

One interesting reference is the HTC will hold three major operators in the sale of products. Refers to a constellation of mobile telecommunications Indonesia, the possibility of 3 operators are not far from Telkomsel, Indosat, and XL. Why is the latest trend right now is holding the service?

The best reason of course, the principal no longer need to bother making their own campaign, let the big-budget carrier called a lot of it is doing its job. This is very beneficial principals because the buzz created by these operators is usually very effective, rather than by its own buzz-exemption for Nokia and Sony Ericsson.

Another reason is to hold operators, principals can more freely determine the desired tariff package. Bundling with the installment of 6 months or 12 months is not a problem. Total price is not the biggest factor determining success of the sale of a handset.

Is not a phone for 6 million could be sold for 2 million and repayments prefix 300an thousand per month for a full year? Give the unlimited data subscription package for the duration of one year, treat with bonus applications and contents, and voila! The phone is a sexy look for the gadget freaks! Not susahkan?

Then if the HTC Dream will be "enough" success in a crowded niche, competing with the iPhone and the BlackBerry? Indeed, compared to 2 name it, Android is still much less prominence, but I believe there is still a fanatical gadget freaks, especially with Google's products-which will not miss the presence of these handsets officially. All you need do is to promote the benefits of Linux-based Android and has integrated Google's native application, such as push email GMail, Google Maps, and Google Calendar.

With the build factor has both touch screen and QWERTY keyboard, something that is not owned by the iPhone or BlackBerry, I'm sure there's always that can be offered by the phone.

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