Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nokia Establish Partnership To Develop A variety of 3D-Based Applications

With the development of software and applications for mobile phones, Nokia formed a partnership with Intel and a university in Finland, the University of Oulu to create various applications for mobile phones. Applications are being developed by them is demanding 3D applications.

University of Oulu has a good reputation in the community developing open source software. Perhaps for this reason that makes Nokia and Intel pointed to the University of Oulu to establish cooperation.
The three of them are very sure if 3D tech Internet content will be very popular or widespread. This belief is also based on an estimate that more and more 3D screen technology will require even more demanding 3D applications. Likewise with the bandwidth will be greater in the next ten years.

A spokesman for Nokia said, "potentially revolutionize the virtual world experience of the user device. And we will work the products that incorporate all of it ". This statement confirms that Nokia will strive to provide the 3D technology in mobile phones made ​​by them.

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