Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nokia X6 and Nokia C6 - Unlike in the series Similar Difitur Core

Nokia C6 and Nokia X6 are two different Nokia phones for product function,  Nokia Series X is more inclined towards music and Series C is the mobile phone business mainstream. This is reflected in the X6 features an internal memory with support for 32GB memory cards without the additives and C6 only has 240MB internally but Karu Micro SD slot that supports up to 16GB.
But basically both phones are capable of quite similar with the same operating system Symbian 9.4 and the same screen. With features similar X6 priced 2 / 3 more expensive than the C6.
Nokia C6 comes with a Symbian S60 5th Edition sail resistive 3.2-inch bright nHD 640 x 360 pixels and 16:9 aspect ratio. These phones connect HSDPA, WLAN and also provided the following A-GPS navigation maps. Unyuk capture images or record videos using the camera phone a powerful 5 megapixel auto focus and LED flash.
Access the Facebook social networking can also be accessed from the shortcut on the screen faces in addition to other social network site. Maximum support on email and social network Sangay suitable for users who want to be dynamic and updated. This phone has been present in the third quarter yesterday at a price of EUR 220 or about Rp.2, 8 million.
Having the ability to play music up to 35 hours non-stop, Nokia X6 is a sophisticated device that combines 32GB of internal memory and gorgeous 3.2-inch screen.

Nokia X6 has a wide screen 16:9 aspect ratio that is perfect fatherly enjoy photos, videos and even browse the internet with direct access to the OVI Store. In terms of social networking X6 is the proverbial nest where the phone was carrying 20 social networking sites that are accessible also via the main screen shortcut.

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