Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ready to Launch Nokia Tablets

Nokia Mobile Phone - Nokia Tablet - Nokia rumored to soon enter the tablet market, but this can be done without partners smartphone, Microsoft.

Reuters reports, citing sources close to Nokia without initials say, the Finnish mobile phone company is said still to consider the use of other operating systems on a tablet, including, MeeGo.

MeeGo a Nokia platform in collaboration with Intel, as the successor project Maemo, the Linux-based operating system alerts Nokia.

The world's largest mobile phone company look carefully explore the tablet market. Moreover, competitors such as Samsung, Motorola or HTC, had already existed.

On the other hand, Microsoft is preparing a platform for the tablet, but will appear in the following versions of Windows, possibly as Windows 8.

Currently, Nokia and Microsoft is still in a partner for smartphones based on Windows 7 Phone, but the platform is not for the tablets.

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