Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nokia Officially Launches Symbian Update ^ 3

Nokia Mobile Phone - Update ^ 3 Symbian named Anna has been launched by the Finnish giant manufacturer, Nokia. Update your operating system is present and used on two Nokia cell phone Nokia X7 and E6. Like any other operating system updates, Anna offers a few changes on some parts. These changes are present in increased performance and usability offered a new browser. Anna Symbian interface display image has also been on display at Nokia's official blog.
Presented a new browser Nokia via Symbian Anna gives extra room to enter a bar page for ease in typing URLs and search the web. Changes are also present in the virtual QWERTY keyboard in portrait mode. If mobile users want to copy the link, just press a few on the link to be copied until the option to copy the address or open a new tab.

Besides bringing the change, the browser Symbian 3 version 7.3 also has a new JavaScript engine that is 30% faster and more compatible with HTML5. Through the examination HTML5 standard, this new browser scored 111 from 400. This increase is calculated drastic compared with previous versions of the browser that only reached 29.

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