Thursday, July 14, 2011

Download Nokia Ovi Suite 2.2

Nokia Mobile Phone - Nokia has updated their latest OVI Suite to version 2.2. Interested users can immediately download it. This version also has supported the performance of mobile Maemo, N900.

For information, the Nokia Ovi Suite is a device that serves to synchronize the PC dengam Nokia mobile phone online. Ovi Suite can also be used to transfer music, sharing photos or videos, and backup content safely, from our Nokia handsets.

In addition Ovi Suite can be used as a means of software updater. Well, in this regard Ovi Suite N900 2.2 has supported handsets. So the Maemo mobile phone users can use it.

When tested on Friday (25/06/2010), speed of response and there are some bugs that had previously been repaired. Interested users can directly download the file size of 96MB on the following link.

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