Thursday, July 21, 2011

Employees End Work from Nokia will be accommodated Google

Nokia Mobile Phone - As rumored some time ago, the cooperation of two large companies, Microsoft and Nokia will impact on the termination of employment of employees seems to be true. However this is not to worry because the search engine company Google reportedly will accommodate these employees.

Google said ready to accommodate a Nokia employee who will drop out of work as submitted SDM Google Aidan Biggins on Twitter "You need a job? We wait at / jobs. "

It is uncertain act of Nokia but indeed the direction taken towards that direction. Problem of making the employee is considered a rivalry between these two great companies, such as dukutip in FoxNews.

Nokia yag headcount totaled 1,800 people will indeed be reduced in connection with its new cooperation strategy with Microsoft. Stephen Elop said "There will be a reduction in the number of employees around the world and Finland."

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