Friday, July 22, 2011

Nokia Opens to Other Platforms

Nokia Mobile Phone - One mobile phone manufacturer who insisted on not embracing Android operating system is Nokia. But some time ago in a revelation after receiving the financial reports 4th quarter of 2010, which is quite disappointing, through its CEO Stephen Elop as Nokia argues:
"As the addition of a good experience using the handset, we have to make, use or join in a competitive ecosystem. Ecosystems that we choose must be comprehensive and include the benefits and services that consumers are expected today and the future, "he said.

From this we can conclude that indirectly Nokia open to other platforms in addition to those already adopted. Speculation refers to the operating system that is famous the Android. The possibility can fall as well on the latest Windows Mobile operating system is Windows 7 Phone.

Nokia until now remained strong with Symbian and Maemo platforms found on the Nokia N900. It is news that Nokia will adopt MeeGo more widely heard, but not impossible road is open also for Android. Until now the platform is still a major concern of Nokia, the phone was still backed its current latest updates Symbian OS, the Symbian 3.

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