Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nokia Announces S40 Phone With a 1GHz processor?

Nokia Mobile Phone - Manager of Marketing Services Nokia, Fernando Freytes (@ ferfreytes), via twitter issued a shocking statement. He writes, Nokia will release a Series 40 Nokia phones are supported proseor tough 1GHz. In addition Freytes meyebutkan other features of the Series 40 phones such as 512MB RAM, a capacitive touch screen with Clear Black AMOLED technology, QWERTY (not obvious physical keyboard or touch screen), application store, WiFi and HSDPA. If you later this rumor is true, then this is the first Nokia Series 40 mobile phones equipped with a 1GHz processor.

As reported by TeknoUp, this phone is very likely to diperkanalkan event in the Nokia Connection 2011 in Singapore next week. In this event, Nokia will showcase devices for emerging markets. However tweet Freytes has raised the question of its truth. So, we wait for the latest info on the mobile phone.

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