Friday, July 15, 2011

Nokia C7 and C6-01 Now Equipped With Swype

For the users of the Nokia C7 and C6-01, Swype news has been available for both phones must have sounded very encouraging. This feature was previously only available to the users of the Samsung. Swype presence can facilitate the users of Nokia phones and Nokia C6-C7 01sewaktu typing.
This technology is used to make when writing a sentence, simply by sliding the letters on the touch screen. Example using Swype when the user wants to write Nokia, press 'N' then scroll to the 'O' to 'A'.

Unlike the Samsung device has Swype as innate features, Nokia phone users C7 and C6-01 must download the application first on Ovi Store before enjoying the convenience of typing with Swype.

Feature that is claimed to be used for typing 40 letters in one minute can make the writing of sentences to be more efficient. However, for those users who are unfamiliar, use Swype will be hard.

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