Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nokia N900 Mobile Phone

Nokia Mobile Phone - End of March 2010 to the moment of presence in Indonesia smartphone platform Maemo, Nokia N900.

Nokia N900 favor of Linux-based Maemo operating system and became the first Nokia smart phone that uses a computer processor. Power of the processor at the heart of the Nokia N900 gives high speed and smoothness when opening various applications simultaneously.

Smartphone is simply multitasking, from opening a chat application, browse the web, receive / send sms, even open social networks, can be done simultaneously and monitored from a single screen. The speed and strength that is the main advantage the Nokia N900.

If you are active in social networks like Twitter and Facebook, the Nokia N900 offers status updates in real time. For fans of online games, game Mafia Wars, Texas Holdem Poker or maybe Farmville can be directly accessed via the browsing feature fast wireless broadband.

Support internal memory capacity of 32GB and a 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens, allowing you capture and record high quality images that can be uploaded directly to Facebook Direct. Browsing with multiple desktops increasingly comfortable with the touch screen a vast panorama, make the world feel like at your fingertips.

Nokia N900 brings the power of computers to make gadget phones are like mini PCs. If you are interested, forward on the game.

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