Sunday, July 24, 2011

NFC Features Present at the Angry Birds for Nokia

For users of smart phones or mobile gaming enthusiast, the game Angry Bird must have been very familiar ears. Has now circulated a story about Angry Bird game on Nokia phones. Based on the news, Nokia has exclusive rights to release the game Angry Birds with NFC features. Then, what is interesting about these games NFC features in it? Let's look at his review.
Nokia Mobile Phone - Game applications Angry Birds Free With Magic, the Nokia users will be challenged to get through 20 levels of difficulty that 15 of them can only be activated by using the NFC or Near Field Communication to other phones that are also equipped with similar features. With the presence of NFC features on Angry Birds Free With Magic, mobile users will be able to exchange points and unlock new game levels when both phones are placed at distances very close together.

Besides being used to complement the features of the game Angry Birds, NFC feature serves to access the content or complete a transaction. The technology is actually used for years on card access, door access and credit card machines.

With the presence of game applications Angry Birds, Nokia hopes to gain back its heyday and also facilitate the transfer of Nokia to the operating system Windows 7 Phone made ​​by Microsoft.

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