Monday, July 25, 2011

Nokia E5 Dan Nokia N8 Mobile Phone

Various types and models of mobile phones Nokia has greeted and enliven the Indonesian mobile market since many years ago. A very proud achievement for the Finnish vendor is. In 2010, Nokia has released several series of cell phone in Indonesia. But it seems Nokia will not stop to release a mobile-phone. At least there are still 5-10 Nokia phone will be released this year. So the total number of Nokia mobile phone which was released in 2010 this is the 20-25 type.
According to a statement Product Manager Nokia Indonesia, Legi Soegianto, that Nokia must release at least two mobile phones each month. This is caused by cell phone competition is very tight in Indonesia. He also added that Nokia is also expected to have to follow market demand.

Mobile phones offered by Nokia in the market Indonesia marketed with varying prices, depending on the type of phone. Prices phones sold by Nokia starting from Rp. 300,000, -/unit up to Rp. 5.6 million / unit.

Two phones will be available in the near future. Both phones are Nokia N8 and Nokia E5. To enjoy all the amenities and advantages of the Nokia E5 will be released in September this year, prospective customers must pay a price of about 2 million. While the Nokia N8 which is scheduled to be marketed in Indonesia in October priced at around 5 million / unit.

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Call Pakistan said...

To tell you the truth I personally prefer the E5 Nokia, although the N8 has better characteristics.
The E5 model has a full Qwerty keyboard and is more convenient for writing.

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