Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nokia C3 Integrates With InTouch5 (TM) Miyowa

After a successful cooperation with Huawei, ZTE, Sony Ericsson, INQ and many others, the social networking giant cell phones, Miyowa, is now cooperating with the giant Finnish mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia.

Mobile phones made ​​by Nokia are joining with the client InTouch5 (TM) Miyowa is C3 through Bouygues Telecom. This merger is just the beginning of cooperation, a lot of things that will be announced next few months.
Nokia C3 Mobile Phone

One of the services offered by Miyowa to InTouch5 (TM) is Windows Live Messenger. While several new applications and has the function to protect the operator bandwidth and extend battery time usage of equipment, among others Miyowa InTouch5 (TM) Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger, MySpace, Gtalk and AIM clients in the Social Dashboard or Rich AddressBook.

Miyowa CEO, Pascal Lorne said, "Unification with C3 indicates another important achievement in a series of cooperation with our clients." He also added that, "It is a big happiness for us to do so through a partnership with Bouygues Telecom: one operator's most innovative in Europe, which also became one of our important customers. Our company also very excited to be able to bring InTouch5 (TM) to Nokia, as a reputable company, which has recorded remarkable achievements in the implementation of C3. We hope to convey a lot more things. "

Miyowa has branch offices spread throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe. Miyowa has also cooperated with the famous social networking and instant messaging services as well as provide product service InTouh5 (TM), all it shows that this company has grown rapidly since it was first established from tahun2003. Additionally Miyowa just hold the title as one of 20 technology companies are achieving very rapid growth in EMEA.

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