Friday, July 22, 2011

Prepare Update Nokia Symbian UI and Dual-core devices for 2011

Nokia Mobile Phone - Nokia rumored to have a plan that is sufficiently large in welcoming the year 2011. The plan includes a plan to update the user interface Nokia Symbian and also preparation for mobile devices Nokia dual-core or dual core. The news was obtained from a senior manager with Nokia, Gunther Kottzieper who gave a presentation at the 2010 event Internation Mobile Internet Conference held in Beijing.

Gunther Kottzieper give a presentation titled "Nokia Symbian 2011 focus areas". In the presentation he explained that the Symbian UI will be updated in Q1 201, the update includes 50 features including a more intuitive browser. Followed an update that changes the appearance and taste of the user interface, the front screen which is more flexible, HTML5 browsers that can be updated, and ease the user to update the software on the Q2 and Q3. At the presentation also mentioned about the hardware updates.

The hardware mentioned in the presentation of Nokia is a phone with a 1GHz processor and the addition of graphics memory in Q2 or Q3 as well as dual-core mobile phones. At the presentation also touched on Zoom Camera or Camera Optical Zoom Pure in late 2011 or early 2012.

Although the launch of mobile devices Nokia E7 delayed, with Nokia's new management is being intensively movement. Possible takeover by Nokia Symbian development also affects the OS competition.

Gartner said that Symbian smartphones sold 29.5 million units in Q3 this year, up from 18.3 million the year before. But the rise had no impact on the share of Symbian which dropped from 44.6% to 36.6%. This was caused by Android is increasingly rising in popularity. If Nokia does not act soon, Android has been ready to take over the market of Symbian's hand.

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