Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nokia Symbian While Staying True to Hold Official Microsoft Has WP 7

Nokia Mobile Phone - Finally the rumors are answered, Nokia is now officially will adopt Microsoft's operating system WP7. Nokia confirms that there will WP7 forefront in increasing market share of Nokia that has been increasingly displaced Android receding.

Besides the inauguration of Windows 7 Phone, Nokia also announced that Symbian OS will be a "franchise platform" and MeeGo will be open source OS that will remain will inhabit Nokia phones next. Despite having a new OS, Nokia remains loyal to produce Symbian phones and MeeGo marked by the launch of a smartphone in this year 2011.
In terms of quality of WP 7 is recognized well but a regrettable public interest is being sucked into the Android platform. Nokia Deliver "With Windows Phone Nokia plans as a major smartphone platform, Symbian will be the platform franchise. The strategy is to maintain and mentransisi base 200 million Symbian owners. Nokia hopes to sell about 150 million Symbian handsets again in the coming years. "

Nokia also suck up most of the features such as Bing Folder WP7. Nokia seems to be very serious about this cooperation is characterized by its plan to integrate his Ovi Store with Windows Marketplace made ​​by the partner. Gossip about the management reshuffle Nokia, does not seem right where it has been confirmed that the ranks of Nokia's management does not change one there is only one executive position that must be loose.

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