Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Phone P-05C Lumix, Panasonic Mobile Phone with Camera Output of Power 13 Megapixels

Advances in communications technology is currently growing very rapidly. This can be evidenced from the presence of mobile devices with the technology of the future. For example, the phone comes with excellent capabilities is a new mobile phone made ​​by Panasonic Lumix Phone called P-05C. more than a phone, Lumix Phone P-05C offers a thrill to capture the moment with a powerful 13-megapixel camera is equipped with features optical image. Lumix Phone P-05C is the first phone to include such features on the camera.
Like the cameras Panasonic Lumix output, a feature called MEGA OIS as mentioned above comes complete on a mobile phone camera Lumix Phone P-05C. In addition, the camera phone is also equipped with features such as fashion photography iAuto, identifier situation (scene recognition) automatic with 11 presets including photos burst that can record eight consecutive frames to choose from the best. Mobile phone users can also enjoy the record video with 1080p quality.

Lumix Phone P-05C is a phone with an LCD screen measuring 3.3 inches. So far there has been no confirmation about this phone screen resolution, but most likely the phone is using the screen with a resolution FWVGA. In pejualannya, the phone is offered in three colors pilian namely white, black and magenta.

Japanese network operator NTTDoCoMo rumored to be a party that will market the phone. Until now there has been no word if the phone will be marketed outside of Japan.

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