Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nokia will WP7-based mobile phone production

Rumors say that Nokia will produce mobile phones WP7-based (Windows Phone 7). This news can be inferred from Nokia that the replacement CEO is replaced by a former high-ranking Microsft Canada, Stephen Elop.

As CEO, Elop officials granted authority from the ranks of Nokia to change some things in his company, including changing the company's strategy, reducing partner collaboration adds to add mobile phone operating system besutannya.

In producing this WP7 phone nokia seems to still have a lot of adjustments, if this news is valid then this phone is the Nokia phone, Windows first. Adjustment of the hardware, the design layout should be done, but Microsoft is limiting the addition of a comprehensive user interface so that the impression of WP7 are still visible.

This news is still confusing, but the possibility does exist. Did Stephen Elop will make it happen? Let us wait for further news.

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