Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nokia ORO, Version Premium Gold Nokia C7 with Layers

Nokia claim that many products are made in limited editions. Start by changing the texture of the cover with a special ornament, wrapped with leather to even "Gold" pure. As Nokia released recently in Russia.

Finnish vendor is displaying fashion mobile phone with leather cover and wrapped in gold, which resembles the physical appearance of the Nokia C7. The code name given to this phone is the Nokia ORO, which means gold (Italian).

Nokia ORO has a skeleton / frame and 18K gold-plated button. Three key face of the phone was also recorded scratch resistant, sapphire crystal in the form of stone. The screen is wrapped with Gorilla Glass. Meanwhile, on the back of the body stuffed in the best quality leather material filmed 'Bridge of Weir', which is usually used as a luxury car interior.

Problem features, Nokia ORO pinch Nokia C7. In other words, Nokia ORO is the 'incarnation' new Nokia C7 are made specifically for a limited market. So, no wonder if the phone is priced at $ 1,635

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