Monday, June 20, 2011

Doing Rooting HTC Inspire 4G

Inspire 4G owners are lucky enough to have a friendly solution to rooting Simple GUI for Windows is called which will help you do the root of your phone. This is not a quick process, and you will also need a Terminal Emulator to finish, but will guide you through the process properly. Before downloading it, though, you'll want to install HTC Sync. After installing, you'll want to uninstall. You go to Add / Remove Programs and uninstall the HTC Sync, but leave the bundled drivers there. Basically, we just use the HTC sync required to install the drivers, but the program itself could disrupt Wikipedia Root program, so we get rid of it. Once you are done with it, you can download and install the program rooting.

Make sure you have enabled USB debugging in Settings> Application> Development on your phone. Rooting program should guide you through some of the steps either. Note that you need to reformat your SD card, because it will make what is called a "gold card" for the root of your phone. So, if there is something there you want to save, you'll want to back it up first, because this will erase everything.

To start, take your SD card from your phone and plug it into your computer (you'll need an adapter to do this-you do not want to mount on your mobile phone). Open the program rooting and format your SD card via the Root Wikipedia under "Step 1". To do this, select your SD card from the drive list and press Format.

Plug back into your phone and go to "Step 3" in Wikipedia Root window. Select MMC2 (HTC Inspire), and press GetCID. Copy number and you go to this page to generate the image file to your SD card (you will get it delivered to you via email). Once you've got the picture, go back to the Simple Root and press the Load IMG under Step 5, navigate to the image file you got in your email.

Take the SD card out of your phone and plug it into your computer. Make sure that the lines selected under Step 6 on the MMC Choose a simple root, then press Patch MMC. SD Card you now as a gold card that will help to root your phone.

Let the Simple Root know that you are finished making gold card, and when the main window appears, plug in your phone and press the "downgrade, S-OFF, Clockwork, Stock, Root" button. Follow the on-screen instructions carefully. Terminal a few commands you enter and follow some other steps, but will guide you through the process a whole (so we will not do that here). When you are finished, you'll see the app Superuser will appear in the drawer of your application, and you're ready to have fun with your new phone-root. If you have a problem, be sure to check out the Wikipedia FAQ Root and XDA Developers.

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