Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ready to Recommend Sony PlayStation Vita

Who does not know the PlayStation? Game consoles made ​​by Sony who have walked up to the third generation is rumored to be a new variant, namely the PlayStation Vita.

From the news circulated, PlayStation Vita (Vita PS) will be released next October 28 and is offered in two models: PS PS Vita Vita WiFi Edition and 3G + WiFi Edition. reportedly will soon be released to the market.

As reported by thePONSEL from IGN, a spokesman for Sony said the PS Vita will be released gradually to the global market, during the holiday season. However, a spokesman for the exact date Sony has yet to confirm it clearly.

Although the official has not been around, but in the United States this game console is rumored to have offered online with banderolan price of $ 249.99 for PS Vita WiFi Edition. PS While the rumored 3G Vita took the operator AT & T will be offered for $ 299.99

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