Saturday, August 6, 2011

Apple Introduces iCloud at WWDC event

IMessage addition, the WWDC event or the Worldwide Developer's Conference which opened a few days ago Apple also introduced a Cloud-based music services. iCloud, an Apple-made applications will help the users of the Apple device to enjoy music in new ways. Like what this new Apple service? Let's see more news.

iCloud will present a wide range of applications and will eventually replace the role of the MobileMe applications thoroughly. Apple claims that the new service will synchronize with iTunes. With the way these devices Apple users who buy a song through iTunes will be able to enjoy music stored on Apple devices all belong to them without additional cost because the music has been purchased will be automatically uploaded via iCloud.

In addition to synchronize with iTunes, iCloud also allows users to store songs from your CD collection device users to use other applications that Apple called iTunes Match. Match will scan your entire iTunes music data device users to ensure that uploaded the song has never been uploaded before.

Through a Cloud, users of Apple device will be more frugal because the service users through Apple's devices do not have to pay to download your favorite songs. Users subscribe to the Apple device just enough to enjoy your favorite music.

To secure a license iCloud service, Apple is currently busy negotiating with record labels. ICloud beta version already present in IOS 4.3, but the new official version is present in the IOS who will attend next fall.

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